All Community Service Representative (CSR) Volunteers must be register online and complete the required online safety training before arriving on site.

Upon registering and prior to arriving at the ReStore , ALL volunteers are required to:

    1.  Sign the Release and Waiver of Liability
    2. Complete the following Online Safety courses: 

We do not accept anyone convicted of Theft or Violent Crimes. We will not ask what you have been fined for, but will ask if it is considered a Theft or a Violent Crime. If you answer “No,” but if later we find your conviction falls under either category, you will be forfeiting your ability to get credit for CSR hours. The courts will not accept Comal County Habitat for Humanity (CCHFH) community service hours on Theft or Violent Crimes.

CSR tracking hours forms are given to you by your probation officer, county clerk, judge, lawyer or by CCHFH (individual tracking form). You are responsible for bringing the CSR forms with you on a daily basis. We are not responsible for lost forms or hours not logged. We do not “back sign” for days you missed getting a signature. Not having your form signed may forfeit your ability to get credit for CSR hours.

It is required by Comal County Habitat for Humanity that you bring a valid form of identification that contains your picture on your first volunteer day.

All-day shifts would take up both a morning shift slot and afternoon shift slot. All-day shifts are allotted a 30 minute lunch break. If you have any questions or need further information, email If you sign up for a particular day and shift, you will be expected to work these hours. If you arrive late, CCHFH withholds the right to turn you away for the day (we’ve already had to call someone to cover your shift). Staff are unable to sign you out early from your shift. Leaving early may forfeit your ability to get credit for CSR hours. If you are assigned less than 5 CSR hours or only have a few more hours to complete, you will still be required to work a full shift.

Once your tracking form is either full and/or you have completed your hours, the Volunteer or HR Coordinator will sign your form.

You must sign in and sign out on our “sign-in sheets” for us to sign off on CSR forms. You are responsible for having your CSR forms signed at the end of each volunteer day.

You must read and sign our Emergency Action Plan. You are expected to observe and abide by all safety standards.

Please wear shoes that cover your toes while volunteering. Failure to do so is a safety hazard and we reserve the right to send you away until you return with proper foot attire.