A Chance to Make Memories Together

Isabel and Frank came to Comal County Habitat for Humanity in search of an affordable home that provided enough space for their family. Frank and Isabel live with Frank’s mom and have three kids, Giovanni, Leila, and Noah. The oldest two children “were just sleeping on the sofas for a while. Now, we are having to live on air mattresses. They have to stay in there (the living room). My boy sleeps in our room, our youngest,” says Frank

Before moving in with Frank’s mom, the family was renting. Unfortunately, “Then my parents came into a financial deficit, so we had to move in with them,” said Frank. The family is currently living in a two bedroom home. The main stress and challenge they are experiencing is the lack of space in their current house. The family is having to share a bathroom and kitchen between six people. Isabel says,”I try to get everything done, wash the dishes, so that way I am done and then she (Frank’s mom) can go in there and do her thing.” Frank says “Like I said, it’s a small house, there are so many of us in there.”

Frank and Isabel mentioned their trouble in their home buying journey before applying to Habitat for Humanity. “We were trying to buy a home at one point so we could move our parents with us and we could get more rooms. The price of the house, the down-payment, and all that stuff, it was hard for us to save the money. We would save, but have to use it for something else.” 

They heard about the program from Isabel’s mom, a Habitat Homeowner. “It was such a blessing for their family and their household.” Isabel mentioned. This is Isabel and Frank’s second time applying to the program. Frank said, “After the denial process (the first time), she (Isabel) was so sad.” However, Isabel’s mom convinced them to reapply. “We were in the kitchen (when we got the phone call of acceptance), we were making dinner. She (Isabel) went to the room to answer it, so she could hear it. She came back and she was quiet for a little bit, then she finally told us. The kids were yelling and screaming, we were crying” says Frank.

Frank and Isabel said, “I am just still grateful for us still being in the program. Still having the hope and the chance for us to own a home. I am grateful for the program, you have helped out so many families, it is amazing what you do.” When asked about how their kids feel about the Habitat process, Frank and Isabel said, “They are so happy, they can’t wait to get their own room, their own space, and their own privacy.” After moving into their home, Isabel and Frank say, “It will give us a chance to make memories together.”