Make your home more sustainable using our ReStore!

With the summer heat already here in Comal County, we’ve provided you with ways you can make your home more sustainable from items located right here in our ReStore. These simple, cost effective steps can keep your home cool for the upcoming months.

1) Clean and Replace Filters.

Did you know home filters should be cleaned quarterly? Dirty filters on your furnance or air conditioning system can slow down air flow which requires your system to use more energy. Think back to the last time you checked your filters and if there’s too much dust and grime to clean, purchase new ones at our ReStore!

2) Upgrade Your Lighting.

Remember this rule of thumb; electricty costs on light bulbs is estimated at $1.00 per watt, per bulb, potentionally costing you hundreds every year. Invest in LED light bulbs here at our ReStore. Use LED lighting in your bathroom, living room, office space, basically anywhere you want with the variety in sizes we carry in store.

3) Weatherproof Windows and Doors.

Weatherizing windows and doors is like adding a protective canopy over your home to keep the cold air in. Over time, tiny cracks and gaps can form around these openings, letting in warm air and allowing the cool air to escape; making your air system work harder and increasing your energy bills. A quick and easy DIY project is to caulk or foam the drafty areas. You can find this item for only a few bucks at our ReStore. 

4) Maintain your HVAC System. Check Your Air Handler.

Think of your HVAC system like your lungs. Now, the air handler is like the “breath” of your system—it moves air throughout your home, making it a crucial componet needing maintance upkeep. Shop our current selection of HVAC Air Handlers at the ReStore. 

There are so many ways you can shop our ReStore for sustainability; it’s in our mission! We recycle and sell gently used furniture, appliances, and building materials instead of these items ending up in a landfill. By shopping with us, you’re saving money, giving products a second life, and helping the environment—and let’s not forget, funds raised at the ReStore support Habitat homebuyers in their journey to becoming homeowners. 

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